Remember The Chain Smoking Baby That Went Viral? Look At What He’s Addicted To Now

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Aldi Rizal, a boy from the Sumatra region of Indonesia, went viral across the internet when he was only 2-years old for his shocking cigarette addiction. The sight of such a young child smoking caused a huge outcry from around the world, and the Indonesian government heard it. Since then regulations on cigarettes have been tightened, and Aldi has kicked his cigarette habit! However, the cycle of addiction is not so easy to beat and it looks like Aldi has moved on from cigarettes to another that, when done in excess, may be just as detrimental to your health as chain smoking. Aldi’s new addiction is to food.

This is Aldi

Here you can see Aldi about a year after the time his photo first went viral on the rural Indonesian island of Sumatra where he lived in a one room hut with his mother and father. In this photo he just looks like any happy young cherubic child pictured with his mother.

Here Is Why Aldi Went Viral

Back in 2010 videos and images like this one first surfaced of 2-year old Aldi smoking cigarettes. Seeing such a young boy smoking even one cigarette is shocking enough to most living in countries with strict restrictions around the purchase and sale of cigarettes, but apparently this was not a one time event. According to his parents Aldi was smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day.

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