Beware- Here’re 110 Strange Things About Denmark You Should Know

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Denmark is one of the top countries to retire. But before you even think about retirement, this awesome country is already one of the best countries to live and work. Well, if you know about this country, you probably know that it consistently tops international rankings as the happiest nation in the world. So, it’s a no-brainer that a happy country naturally is a good country to settle down, right?

The question is – why are the Danes so super-duper happy about their country? Have they been fed with ecstasy so that they become the happiest people on planet Earth? It seems researchers at the University of Warwick have found the secret to their happiness. It’s all in their genes. The Danish DNA could be the key to happiness. So, if you want your next generation to be happy, go get married to Danes.

However, even if the revelation about the Danish DNA being the answer to their happiness is false, it’s not hard to see why the people are so freaking happy. If you think Vikings are cool, then this is perhaps the first reason why they’re so happy. If you lose your job, the government will continue to pay 90% of your salary for up to “Two Years”. The average maternity leave is a whopping 52-weeks, 100% paid for – that’s 1-full-year.

Even their slaves – McDonald’s crews – are the highest paid in the world. The fact that their universities are 100% free to attend, not to mention fabulously beautiful, is enough to make others filled with jealousy. Do we need to tell you about how delicious their pastries are? No wonder they created the infamous Lego and make tons of money from such a simple toy. Did you know that the Danes ruled England for 27 years from 1016?

Still, there’re certain things that other countries would warn their citizens before stepping their foot on Denmark’s soil, for whatever reasons. Some have the perceptions that the Danes are quite arrogant, probably because of their prides being the Vikings’ descendants. But if the Danes are arrogant because they’re the happiest people in this planet, they’re wrong. The happiest people are actually the North Koreans (*grin*). Here’re 10 things about Denmark that you should be aware of.

{ 1 }  Watch Out For Bikes

Cyclists are the kings in Denmark. While you can’t see as many cyclists in China today as 30-years ago, the number of cyclists in Denmark has been increasing. There’re an estimated 7,000 kilometres of dedicated bicycle paths and lanes in Denmark. Most children start bicycling to school from age 8-10 and continue to do so until at least 18. Hence, be sure to check bicycle lanes before turning right, as the cyclists have right-of-way over pedestrians and automobiles.

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