9 Weird Things to See in Tokyo

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When you visit Tokyo for 3 or more days, you may stick to the top things to do in Tokyo, or try some of the more weird stuff that you can do in Tokyo.

So, We put together a list of 10 Weird Things you can See in Tokyo. Enjoy!

1. Capsule Hotels: One of the most Weird Stuff in Tokyo!

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Employees in Tokyo work long hours and commuting in Tokyo takes a lot of time. Moreover, the normal hotels have sky-rocket prices. So, the solution is “Capsule Hotel”, a claustrophobic but budget friendly hotel. You may feel a little bit like an astronaut, for a price of $30 per night. Have a look at http://capsuleinn.com/en/ if you want to get the feeling (or book)!

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