7 Unnecessary Spending Habits You Need to Cut

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If one of your resolutions for this year involves saving money by cutting down on your spending, then you have come to the right place. By the way, well done to you for recognizing the benefits of cutting down on the unnecessary spending. I will now share seven unnecessary spending habits that most of us have. These habits are preventing us from paying off more debt, and getting out of debt, saving for family holidays, deposit on a house, or even for retirement. We do have to be careful as all the unnecessary spends do add up.

1. Food Waste

The United States of America dumps a lot of food every year. This food comes from households that have not planned properly. The answer to this is proper meal planning. This would mean you are buying just the foods you need to prepare a set meal for the family. I agree that this will take some getting used to, but the more often you do it, the more you will be operating like a well-oiled machine. Learn how to do composting that will make use of any uncooked plant food that you need to get rid of. The compost can then be used to spruce up your vegetable garden. Check out the beginner’s guide to composting here to get started.

2. Cell Phone and Landline Services

I have not used a land line at home for more than six years! When I consider that I was paying for the ‘privilege’ of getting constant cold calls from all over the world, I stopped the service and saved my money. I still do have a phone line in my house only because of the WIFI services. With current mobile phone packages available, I didn’t see the need for a landline.

I also put a cap on the amount of data, call hours and text messages that I can use. I set that up with my mobile phone provider so that it is impossible for me to go over my limit. So I am well aware that I have to curb the amount of time I spend using the phone.

There are also some providers that offer family packages at a lower rate on average when compared to taking out 2 or 3 phones separately. Remember to set a cap on each with the phone service provider.

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