6 Frugal Living Ideas that Will Simplify Your Life and Save You Tons of Money

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In this post, you’ll find frugal living ideas that I use every day to have a simple, meaningful life. Those are easy to implement and literally everyone can try them.

1. Reduce eating in restaurants

Preparing meals by yourself can be really irritating. I don’t like cooking at all. Nevertheless, I avoid eating out.

The price difference between meals done at home and those bought in a restaurant can be huge! Especially, when you are used to eating out and you do this often.

Here are some tricks how to stick to eating meals at home:

– Find someone to cook for you. This may sound silly, but really – ask a person you’re living with what do they enjoy doing. If it is cooking, then you won! It might sound funny, but I’ve been very successful with this strategy. Even when I lived alone, I found some friends who would invite me to a dinner. I would buy some groceries for them, or help them out in any other way. You save money, time and you can meet with your friends at the same time.

Nowadays I barely cook, because I not only do hate it but additionally I really suck at it. What we have done was simple: we asked ourselves what we enjoy doing on a scale 1-10. 10- love it, 5- can live with that, 1- I’m sick when I think of that. This way my girlfriend cooks and I iron clothes.

Distribute the duties wisely and you can really feel the difference.

– Cook for 2 days. This will save your precious time. You can also prepare some more food and freeze it, so you have some “emergency food” for later.

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