5 Life Hacks to Cut the Cost of Everyday Life

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Americans carry a staggering amount of debt. The average household has at least one credit card with a whopping $15,950 in credit card debt, according to CNN Money. It’s easy to envision these people as big spenders paying a fortune for flashy new cars, expensive ski vacations and closets spilling with new clothes, but the reality is that many Americans struggle to stay afloat because of the increased cost of living.

Food costs, energy payments, gas prices and other daily expenses take an enormous chunk out of even the most careful spender’s budget. Prioritize the things that matter most and cut back on the expenses of daily life with these creative life hacks, and you’ll find yourself paying down that debt and saving more.

1. Be a Guinea Pig

If you just can’t stomach the cost of an expensive haircut or weekly pedicure, consider being a guinea pig for students in training. You can get deeply discounted rates at local beauty schools. Don’t worry—teachers typically hover nearby, ready to swoop in before a student makes an error. Although a trainee may take longer than usual to complete a service, New York Magazine reports that many training salons offer free cuts. Before you make an appointment, ask about teacher supervision and whether the trainee can deliver the style you want.

2. Forego That Daily Cappuccino

Stopping by Starbucks on your way to work may seem easy, but even a basic coffee sets you back a couple bucks. Instead, invest in a new coffee machine with a built-in timer. You’ll wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the machine will pay for itself within a few months.

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