5 Frugal Life Hacks to Save Money and Eliminate Waste

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It’s no surprise that, in my quest for frugality, I employ life hacks. It’s how I grew up. To me, it was normal that Velveeta cardboard boxes became drawer organizers or glass jelly jars were reborn as drinking glasses. Old towels and t-shirts? They turned into cleaning rags. It was how my Yankee mother saved money. And while I still turn towels and t-shirts into rags, there are many other modern life hacks that I’ve added to my everyday frugal life.

Here are 5 frugal life hacks I use and that you may want to try. They’re super easy to do and money savers, too. Plus, if going green is important to you, these hacks definitely qualify as the “reuse” and “recycle” parts of reduce, reuse and recycle.

1. Turn air-filled shipping pillows into poop bags

As the owner of two dogs who take multiple walks throughout the day, we go through a lot of poop bags. For the longest time I would reuse plastic shopping bags to pick up after them. Once I started taking reusable bags to the store, that plastic bag supply ran out. I could buy a roll of poop bags at my local pet store, but I decided to recycle the air-filled shipping pillows that online stores like Pulpil use in their packages and turn them into my own poop bags. It was really simply. First, I separated each “pillow.” Then I took a pair of scissors and cut one end open. And voila free poop bag (demonstrated in the four-part picture above).

2. Make your own tinted moisturizer

Have you been paying through the nose for pricey tinted moisturizer? Well stop. You can make your own so simply and cheaply. Here’s how I do it. I don’t make a big batch—just on demand, as I need it. I pump out a drop of moisturizer on the back of my hand, and then add a pump of foundation. I mix them together to create free tinted moisturizer. I use a moisturizer with SPF so that I’m getting sun protection when applying my makeup.

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