19 Of The Strangest Things That Are Against The Law Around The World

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A lot of people in North America believe that they have a difficult time with certain rules that have been put in place by the government. A lot of state laws don’t allow people to do things like drive without a seat belt, use non-prescription drugs, or ride your bike without a helmet. While these may seem like annoying rules, they are nothing compared to the list below. This list contains nineteen of the weirdest laws from all around the world, and different things that certain countries have banned.

Greece – Video Games

In 2002, the Greek government decided to crack down on illegal gambling – specifically electronic gambling. They found that a lot of people were gambling via video games, and banned the games and systems altogether.

Romania – Scrabble

What is viewed as a leisurely pastime for so many people around the world is considered illegal in Romania. The Romanian president during the 1980’s banned the game because he considered it “overly intellectual” and “a subversive evil.”

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