15 Weirdest Wedding Cakes Ever Created

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Serving a cake on a wedding is like an unspoken rule. It’s weird when you there’s no cake in a wedding. It’s a simple tradition that dates back many years and symbolizes peace and prosperity. Newlyweds prefer their cakes in different shapes, sizes, colors, breeds and some of them go completely berserk when it comes to decorating their cakes. Here are 15 of the weirdest ones.

And we all fell down

This wedding cake tries to portray a story in which both husband and wife fall down from a tall height. We wonder what this image is trying to allude to, a shaky marriage marred by unbearable mortgage payments or mass death?

An action movie

They wanted their wedding to be filled with action and packed with danger. What better way to portray all of this than on a wedding cake? It must have taken tremendous skills to pull this off with finesse.

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