15 Photos Of The World’s Youngest Parents In The World

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At one point in time, it was considered normal to marry your daughter off to a neighboring family at the tender age of twelve years old in order to build a stronger family and societal foundation. Well, luckily the day and age of selling your daughter off during the beginning of their ‘childbearing’ years have come to an end and throughout the course of history and time youth and teen pregnancy has dramatically decreased. But please believe these stories still do exist today. Check out the fifteen youngest parents from around the world for yourself below!

The British Pre-Teen Parents

It was only three ago, in 2014, that news outlets around the world were reporting a story of a twelve-year-old girl and thirteen-year-old boy conceiving their first daughter at the tender age of just eleven after dating for just a year. The couple’s parents were initially devastated by the situation but, later committed themselves to support their granddaughter in any way. They also mentioned that this would never happen again as well. Talk about moving quick!

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