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5. We love our Facebook groups

When this is written, more than 90.000 people are members of a group dedicated to photos of products that are available in Costco, which recently opened in Iceland. A group dedicated to buying and selling of used stuff has nearly 110.000 members and a group called Beauty Tips! has almost 35.000 members. Bear in mind that we are only 330.000 people in Iceland!

6. A great country for golfers

Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Still we have more than sixty golf courses in the country. Golf is also the second most popular sport in Iceland, with football being in first place. This might sound odd because it’s not like you can golf the whole year around in Iceland and often in the summer you can be faced with horrible weather conditions on the golf course.

7. We don’t live in igloos

I don’t care what you saw in a movie or read in a magazine – we don’t live in igloos! Period!


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