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3. We all know how to swim

Icelandic children need to learn how to swim from when they start elementary school at 6 years old. Some of them already know the basics since Icelanders love their public swimming pools and visit them quite frequently. Infant swimming lessons are also extremely popular. That means that almost every single Icelander knows how to swim. Pretty impressive!

4. What did you dream last night?

Many Icelandic parents start the morning with asking their children what they dreamt during the night. I never thought this was weird or unusual until I started telling foreigners about this. I ask my daughters this every morning, my mother asked me this question every day when I was little, as did her mother and so on and so on. I guess it comes with believing in the supernatural. You can even buy a hard copy of a dream dictionary in most book stores, a book that many households have.

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