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For travellers in South Korea, there are a lot of weird and wonderful places to explore! It’s fitting then, that Korea has a huge selection of unusual accommodation choices for you to sleep in, too.

Korea is known for its unique hanok style housing where guests sleep on the heated floor. For many foreigners, this idea alone seems unusual but, trust me, when you see the places that actually fall under the weird category, you’ll realise how tame sleeping on the floor is! Regardless, a night at any of these accommodations will be a memorable addition to any Korean trip.

Here are 10 of the weirdest and most wonderful places to stay in Korea!

Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht

I’m going to start off with the strangest place on this list. While this hotel might look like a ship that has miraculously crashed into a mountain, it’s actually just a plain old hotel. In spite of its, ahem, unusual exterior, tourists travel from around the country to enjoy the hotel’s views out over the East Sea.

Location: Donghae, Gangwon-Do

Price per Night: 110,000 KRW ($98/£76)

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