10 Weird and Wonderful Experiences in Japan

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For foreigners, Japan is certainly one of the most WTF places on earth. We found out some of the weirdest things to check out in Japan and why you have to experience them first hand.

10. Cat Cafés

Cats reign supreme in Japan. With more than 50 cat cafés in Tokyo, be sure to take yourself there and get a feline for the place.

9. Islands Overrun by Cats

More than 10 of Japan’s islands are inhabited by cats. That’s right, not just cafés, but islands too.

8. Maid Cafes

Japan is home to plenty of cosplay restaurants, but the maid cafés are certainly one of the weirder places to grab a bite to eat. Inside you’ll see women dressed as maids, acting as servants and performing – all while serving up a drink and something to eat.

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