10 Traditions Only Danes Can Understand

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25-year-old singles get a cinnamon attack

Those who are 25 and single in Denmark get a special ‘treat’ on their birthday. It’s their friends ‘duty’ to drag them in the middle of the street and cover them in cinnamon and other spices as a way of teasing them for not having found their other half yet. If you’re 30 and still nothing, things get serious as friends replace cinnamon with pepper, and those who are less lucky have also eggs added in the ‘mix’ so that pepper sticks on them. The reason why Danes choose to celebrate their single friends’ birthday by showering them with a ton of spices has to do with the story of the Danish-spice salesmen of the 16th century. As they had to roam around different areas to sell their products, it was difficult to find the love of their life and settle down. They became known as Pebersvends, a term that can also be translated as ‘a bachelor’.

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