10 Traditions Only Danes Can Understand

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Traditions are a very significant thing for Danes, and they always make sure to follow them by letter—especially those that include beer, snaps, and partying. Some of them may sound weird while others are more familiar, but all of them give an insight to the Danish culture and captivate foreigners’ interest.

Christmas-beer Day

Danes welcome the beginning of the Christmas season with a special celebration day only they know about. They celebrate J-Day on the first Friday of November at 8:49pm sharp. On that day, Tuborg releases its Christmas beer known as Julebryg, and locals pack the streets, taste their beloved drink, and party until the early-morning hours. Christmas-decorated tracks are parked in different places around the country and girls dressed in elf and Santa-Claus costumes offer a generous quantity of free Julebryg to locals. This may be the most-successful promotion campaign of the famous brewery and since its launch in 1990, posters with the motto “Glædelig jul og godt Tub’år” (Merry Christmas and a Happy Tuborg year) fill the country every year.

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