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House hunting? Urgghhh! House hunting may not be a fun task for everyone. After going through listings upon listings, your eyes also wanna roll like a slot machine. If ugaiz are going through that torture right now, don’t forget to check out what makes property prices go up.

If you want something snappy and more affordable, yet comfortable, why not go for something unconventional like a container house? Seriously, it’s trending now in Malaysia and we’ve interviewed a container house ownerbefore.

Otherwise, give your eyes a break from all those listings and gawk at these nice pictures of unique and bizarre houses. You might think all these weirdmazing houses are only found in other countries. But we found a bunch here in Malaysia that are Pinterest-worthy!

1. Hobbit house

Where: Kampung Kelubi, Kelantan

Welcome to the Shire. Image from Siakap Keli

Isn’t it cute? Recently making waves on Facebook, this 70-year-old house belonging to Amizar Adnan’s family is almost entirely covered with creepers. Siakap Keli, reportedly the first to mass share it on Facebook, got almost 60,000 Likes on the post! The comments however could have been more positive. A few people called the owners lazy and others said it might invite poisonous creatures.

But their reason for letting the creepers grow is really simple – the really old house’s walls had started to rot and come apart. “My husband has repaired our home many times but the repairs never lasted long. Then, he came up with the idea of preventing the walls from falling apart by using plants to hold the wood together,” said Amizar in The Star. Not only have the creepers held their home together, it has also kept their house cool as if got air-cond. Now, that’s eco-friendly!

And for those of you who are ‘concerned’ about the family’s safety, they’ve yet to find any dangerous insects or snakes inside.

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