10 Really Strange Things To Do When You’re In Japan

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Wine bath, anyone?

Ready, set, Gyoza! It’s time to plan your next trip to the land of temples, geishas and cat cafes – Japan. From hot-tub karaoke to bathing and relaxing in your drink of choice, there’s something to tickle everyone’s (weird) fancy in Japan.

Japan is sure to push you out of your comfort zone, as everything is a little bit different in the land of the rising sun, but that’s exactly what you want when traveling – otherwise, you might as well stay home, right?

If you haven’t already put Japan on your destination list, our go-to adventure experts, Topdeck Travelfill us in on their favourite 10 weird and wacky things to do in Japan! Pack your bags and get ready for the ultimate bucket-list adventure.

1. Have a bath in a drink of your choice – Ashigarashimo

Dive into a pool of wine or soak up in a sea of green tea at The Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa and Resort. Located just two hours outside of Tokyo, this rejuvenation retreat has a pool of liquids at the ready – all in the name of health! Our pick? Sake! It’s said to help fight against aging and remove freckles.

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